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Erick Ramirez & Danny Gong

Both real estate agents at iProperties Hawaii, Danny and Erick team up to talk about Local shops in Hawaii, help explain Business English concepts for non-native English speakers. 

Entrepreneurs around the world are starting businesses everyday and many want to invest outside of their home country. 

Hopefully, we can help people get a better understanding of Local Hawaiian Businesses, English, words, phrases and idioms. 


Erick Ramirez

Erick Ramirez (RA) RS-79036


Danny Gong 

Danny Gong (RA) RS-78673

Hawaii Real estate agent, American Sign Language Interpreter and Youtube content creator.

Native New Yorker, lived in Japan for 10 years, learned Japanese & Japanese Sign Language, founded and presented in different cities in Japan. 

Now settled in Hawaii, helping people find homes, investments opportunities and providing sign language interpreting services. 

Equity Hawaii Real Estate, LLC

201 Ohua Ave. #501-1

Honolulu, HI 96815

(808) 426-7875 Office

(808) 426-7875 Fax

Looking to buy or sell your home in Hawaii? Erick and Danny would be happy to help you. Century21 iProperties Hawaii LLC RB-21275 1585 Kapiolani BLVD. #1533, Honolulu, HI 96814 TEL 808-791-1020 FAX 808-791-1021
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