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Honolulu Cafe 735 Bishop Street, Honolulu

Honolulu Cafe is located downtown in Honolulu at the Dillingham Transportation Building and is open only on the weekdays Mon-Fri from 7am-2pm.

The building was built in 1929 with a Renaissance Revival architecture.

They have a nice selection of pastries, salads and sandwiches.

Enjoy your cup of coffee with cheery Hawaiian music playing in the background.

Also a great place to have a meeting.

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Hawaii Adaptive Surf Championships 2019

Come to Waikiki and check out the Hawaii Adaptive Surf Championships and see the competition rise up amongst 80 athletes from 12 different countries.

June 18 to June 20, 2019

#accesssurf #hawaiiadaptivesurfchampionships #northshoreprosthetics #woundedwarriorproject

Sheraton Waikiki "The Edge of Waikiki" best views from the bar

“The Edge of Waikiki” bar is one of our go to places to relax with a nice cold drink 🥤🍹🍺 and enjoy an ocean front view with Diamond Head.

Only Sheraton guests are allowed to enter the enter the infinity pool.

#SheratonWaikiki #TheEdgeOfWaikiki

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Ep. 19 Hawaii City Plaza - New Condo located by Ala Moana Shopping Center & Waikiki

Aloha everybody welcome to Aloha Life Now

Thank you for watching, I'll be your host, my name is Danny and here's Erick, a real estate agent.

He is working on a brand new condominium in Oahu in Honolulu right by Ala Moana so this is a great project please tell us about it.

Alright, so right now we're in Ala Moana and there's gonna be a lot of new buildings coming up, new condominiums, here so I'm on the sales team for two of the new ones and today we're gonna just showcase them.

The first one we're gonna do is

Hawaii City Plaza and that's coming to you right now.

Hawaii City Plaza is

located at 710 Sheridan Street, Honolulu.

So this is right behind Walmart

in Ala Moana area. It's really close

proximity to Ala Moana Shopping Center

and also Ala Moana Beach Park.

On the first floor, there's gonna be three

retail commercial areas so they haven't

announced what shops and what

restaurants are gonna be there but just

look for that information to come. 2nd - 5th floor is parking for the condominium

So on the 6th floor we

have the amenities deck and that's where

you're gonna see the infinity pool,

cabanas, lounge areas, barbecues, gym

activity center for kids and dog parks. A

total of 184 condos from the 7th - 27th floor

and you get to

choose different styles for your

cabinets, floors and your countertops

without any extra charges. One of the

great benefits of this condominium is

that they do allow rentals for 30 days

and more so this really gives you

options compared to other places which

require you to have rentals for six

months or more. So from the 11th - 27th floor

they're gonna be sold at

market price and it's gonna be first for

owner-occupied and we'll take

applications for that and then there'll

be a lottery process and then that's how

you can choose the unit that you want

depending on the order of whoever wins

the lottery. After the 30 days then it's

open to investors. Alright this looks

really great it's awesome that you're

working on this new development. Now

let's get down to the nitty-gritty. How

much is this gonna cost? So we have one

bedroom and two bedroom units and the

one bedrooms are gonna start at $656,000 which is very reasonable for this area.

That is reasonable, yes. The two bedrooms are gonna

start at $818,000.

And now the kicker, the best part about it is our

maintenance fee. How much is it?

It's at around $0.68 / Sq ft. Wow. So

it's actually the lowest maintenance fee

in the Ala Moana area. Wow.

so that's gonna be really nice and you

get the resort-like amenities. Right,

that's so good, it's so worth it because

you get all the luxurious amenities but

at a really super low maintenance fee cost

So if somebody wanted to find

out more information about it, where can

they go? All the information is on our

website for and

you'll put a link for it? Definitely!

You can find the floor plans, the pricing,

the location around here, the amenities.

Everything you need to know, it's on that

website. Any questions send us a email or

call or text yeah and the information is

in multiple languages right? Multiple

languages. So if you see the interactive

You have your

choice of Japanese, Chinese or English

Great! 日本語も大丈夫ですね! Please feel free to contact

us at any time, at our email: and you can get in

contact with us, call us, and we will get

you started on your luxury condominium.

if you're interested it is up soon,

because these are gonna sell fast.

We can actually see some units that

have been already reserved, so they are

in high demand. Alright have a great day


Ep. 18 Happy Hour at the International Market "The Street" in Waikiki

Erick and I are back after a long break.

In this video we talk about the happy hour at Waikiki's "Beer and Be Merry" in the International Market place.

$2 Kirin beers all day, every day.

Also we catch up and talk about Erick's recently new position as a sales representative for a new Condo being built in Ala Moana.

The condo is called Hawaii City Plaza and it is walking distance to Ala Moana Beach Park. The condo allows owners to rent out their condo monthly.

No 6 month rental minimum required.

Ala Moana area is picking up and lots great opportunities are growing here.

Please contact us for more information about living in Hawaii.


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Ep.12 NamiHana Shochu, Haleiwa, Oahu

NamiHana Shochu - Japanese Sweet Potato Shochu made in Hawaii with locally sourced Sweet Potatoes from the islands. 

They make it old school with clay vats made 150 years and distill from a traditional wooden still.

Every year, they only make a limited amount of bottles. 

Pour yourself a glass with ice and enjoy it with your sushi, yaki udon or gyoza.

Music by

Ep. 11 - How to fly to Hawaii for free! (or for very cheap)

Ep. 11 - How to fly to Hawaii for free! (or for very cheap)

This week, we talk about how to fly to Hawaii for free or at the very least for very cheap. 

Want to avoid paying full price on airline tickets, but still want to fly with decent airlines?  

Besides getting Buddy Pass hookups from your cabin crew family and friends, another way to get great deals on flights to Hawaii is to leverage points from various credit cards. 

Erick gives a basic summary on which is the best credit card and a few airlines that are partners and accept credit card Reward Points for flights. 

The video is much longer than our previous videos, but it's got a lot of great tips and strategies. 

Please support our channel by Subscribing to our videos. 

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Ep. 10 Sunflower Field in Waialua, Oahu

Sunflower heaven in Waialua, North Shore side. This beautiful experience ends on November 20th, so get going! This evening only, they will have a special sunset tour from 4pm until 7pm! The regular hours are 10am until 2pm. Tonight's sunset ticket is $15 but the regular price is ONLY $5! Have Fun!

Ep. 9 Scoopedyah Ice Cream

Locally made Hawaiian Ice cream #WaikikiFarmersmarket
Mick also makes Alcohol infused Vegan Ice Cream #scoopedyah

Ep.8 Lei's Hawaii Popcorn Kitchen

Gourmet popcorn in the heart of Kalihi, Honolulu. We visit Leis Hawaii Popcorn Kitchen and talk with the shop owner Eiji Hayashi, also known as Eddy. He tells us about the history and how his shop started. Even with his limited English, he was able to open up shop for customers to come in and taste his delicious gourmet popcorn. Flavors like Garlic Shrimp, Caramel, Caramel Macadamia Nut and even Japanese Curry. Swing on by and say hi. 263 Kalihi St, Honolulu, HI 96819

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